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Choose from a large selection of rice and noodle dishes.

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D17. Fried Udon with Veggies

D6. Pork Katsu Bowl

Pork katsu, sliced lettuce with rice.

D15. Crispy Ginger Beef with Rice Spicy

Spicy, homemade ginger beef, served with rice.

D14. Crispy Ginger Beef Spicy

Spicy, homemade ginger beef.
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Chicken Fried Rice

D1. Rice with Beef Brisket

Fluffy white rice with savoury beef brisket.
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D5. Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice

Sweet and sour chicken with fluffy white rice.

D12. General Tso's Chicken with Rice

Sweet deep-fried chicken on fluffy white rice.

D10. General Tso's Chicken

Deep-fried chicken coated in a sweet sauce.

D7. Beef Brisket Ramen

Savoury beef brisket with ramen noodles.

D2. Udon with Beef Brisket

Thick udon noodles with savoury beef brisket.
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D3. Wonton Udon

Savoury broth loaded with noodles and wontons.

D16. Fried Rice with Veggies

D13. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and sour chicken.
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Hachi Ramen

Assorted meat and seafood with tempura egg.
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D8. Wonton Ramen

Wontons with ramen noodles.

D9. Special Ramen

An assortment of meats with ramen noodles.
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D4. Chicken Katsu Bowl

D4. Chicken Katsu Bowl

Chicken katsu, sliced lettuce with rice.
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Seafood Fried Rice

Assorted seafood

D11. Broiled Eel Rice

Broiled eel on fluffy white rice.