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Enjoy these small bite-sized portions of food.

K3. Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (3 pcs)

A fluffy steamed bun, loaded with barbequed pork.

K1. Steamed Pork Dumpling (4 pcs)

A classic steamed dumpling, loaded with pork.

K19. Deep-Fried Chicken Dumplings (4 pcs)

K6. Deep Fried Sesame Ball (3 pcs)

Enjoy these delicious, deep-fried sesame balls.
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K7. Spring Roll (5 pcs)

Vegetarian. Three spring rolls, loaded with veggies.

K17. Pepper Salt Green Bean

Green beans, sprinkled with pepper and salt.

K8. Deep Fried Squid

Crispy, deep-fried squid.
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K15. Deep Fried Scallop (6 pcs)

Six pieces of crispy, deep-fried scallop.

K2. Sticky Rice with Treasures in Lotus Leaf (2 pcs)

Enjoy Hachi Sushi's delicious specialty dish!
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K11. Steamed Bun with Egg Custard (3 pcs)

Fresh steamed buns, loaded with egg custard.

K10. Deep Fried Chicken Wing (3 pcs)

Three crispy, deep-fried chicken wings.
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K13. Steamed Rice

K18. Sweet Dried Tofu (6 pcs)

Four pieces of delicious, sweet dried tofu.
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K5. Phoenix Finger

K5. Phoenix Finger